How to prepare a speech

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Is there anything that you think you could never do? That by any reason you are not suitable for or that you are the least talented person to do?

I could never speak in front of more than 5 or six people and convey my message. But why? Because I rarely tried it. And when I tried it I did not prepare well.

Everything you do depends on 2 things:

  1. How good are you prepared?
  2. What result do you expect?

#####My personal story A few years ago someone asked me to replace a speaker in the annual information event of our student group that had been sick. The speech was about a project I never participated myself in but I loved the idea. Teaching the elderly how to use a computer to keep in contact with their grandchildren.

#####How did I prepare? I closed my eyes and Imaged. I imagined how I would introduce the project to someone. Someone, that was interesting in relating domains but had never heard of it. Someone who feels excited if the message is good enough. Someone like me. I had talked about the projects a few times with friends. This helped because now I know a bit how I could explain the project better. To make is both exciting and easy to understand.

#####Visualize it In my head now with my eyes closed I visualised. I visualised myself in front of many interested faces. And I developed the speech in my head. Repeated it a few times. Corrected parts to make it sound more coherent.

#####Take notes During this process, I took notes with the key sentences and phrases I would build my speech around. Sometimes I even write down the whole speech. The pure act of writing, if possible by hand engrains the speech. In a way that makes it more available when you are performing it.

Enjoy :)